Theory of Change



The movement of people by means such as force,
fraud, coercion or deception with the aim of
exploiting them.


Ownership exercised over a person; or all work or service
that is extracted from any person imposed imposed by
coercion or under the threat of penalty and for which the
employee has not offered themself voluntarily.

Strategic Goals

Shift corporate practice towards normalised ethical behaviour.

Cultivate a prevention mindset approach to address root causes.

Invest in activities that focus on the future and longer term sustainable change.

Long Term Outcomes

1.1 Increased engagement with
workers to ensure activities to
reduce vulnerability to exploitation
are appropriate and sustainable.

1.2 Increased capacity within hotels in the UK to better identify and respond to incidents of modern slavery effectively as part of internal policies and practices.

2.1 Greater visibility of ethical business partnerships that consequently shrink the unethical market.

2.2 Greater knowledge of root causes of exploitation and ways to address them, particularly within the hotel industry.

2.3 Disruption of systemic barriers for survivors accessing their rights in Hertfordshire.

2.4 Increased efficiency in select agencies within Hertfordshire addressing modern slavery.

2.5 Increased survivor involvement in Shiva Foundation programmes (and eventually in government and NGOs) and therefore a better understanding of the survivor journey.

3.1 Greater understanding of how to address issues with long-term activities and subsequent increase in long-term impact-driven NGOs and modern slavery programmes.

3.2 More engagement and representation of minorities in government and business leading to systemic change in business and politics resulting in greater consideration of human rights.

Acivity Outputs

1.1.1 Delivery of holistic social responsibility model within one
pilot hotel.

1.1.2 Direct engagement with organisations working directly with workers to feed into Shiva Foundation work as relevant.

1.2.1 Uptake of Blueprint or similar policies by 10 hotels who should be reporting on modern slavery
but haven’t.

1.2.2 Expansion of our network to engagement with hotels who aren’t currently in our network on topic of modern slavery.

2.1.1 Mapped labour supply chain to
identify unethical practice gaps.

2.2.1 Established relationships and feedback loops with organisations addressing labour market infringements.

2.3.1 Coordinated and monitored activity between those reporting modern slavery and those
supporting victims.

2.4.1 Inclusion of survivor voice within Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership programmes.

3.1.1 Information sharing platform for those working on long-term
impact-driven programmes.

3.2.1 Micro-grant funding and partnership development with organisations working to bring more representation of women and minorities in business and politics.


Looking for help?

If you are looking for help, want to report a suspicion or are seeking advice,
call the Modern Slavery Helpline on

08000 121 700

If its an emergency and you believe someone is in imminent danger, call