Shiva Hotels Programme

shivahotelspopoutAs part of Shiva Hotels’ ongoing commitment, we have worked closely with their senior team to create a model that tackles issues of human trafficking and modern slavery within the hotel industry.

We feel strongly that challenges such as human trafficking call for a response by companies that are part of the global economy. Corporate action remains an essential vehicle for effecting social change. Shiva Hotels’ pursuit of public leadership in this area blends seamlessly with our partnership model and by drawing on the distinct strengths of both entities, we increase the likelihood that we can start to tackle this complex problem.

We hope this project can lead in this area and invite continued support and innovation both within the hotel industry and among NGOs, academics and others.

Since the end of 2016, we have been working with Shiva Hotels to run a pilot trialing a Stop Slavery Blueprint. The Blueprint is a comprehensive anti-slavery programme setting out the key principles that Shiva Hotels shall commit to embedding into its hotels as part of its fight against human trafficking. The Blueprint has now been rolled out across the entire Shiva Hotels portfolio, with activities including dedicated training for staff on modern slavery and human trafficking. To learn more about this work, please read the following: