Press Release – Shiva Foundation Director wins election for Borough Councillor in Hertsmere

This May, Meenal Sachdev, mother of two young boys, was elected the first Indian Borough Councillor for Hertsmere, representing the constituents of Hillside, Borehamwood. Meenal completed her undergraduate degree at SOAS and an MPhil at the University of Cambridge. Having run a non-profit for 8 years, she decided to stand as a Councillor this year.

Meenal Councillor

Meenal’s parents came to the UK in 1972 when they were exiled from Uganda. She has witnessed them, and her wider community, work extremely hard and be rewarded with excellent opportunities accordingly. Her passion lies in public service and working with vulnerable communities in particular. Meenal believes deeply in the power of education to make change and create a strong community and a better world. She has studied various models of education and has personally invested in schools in rural and urban India.

Along with her husband, Rishi Sachdev, Meenal also founded Shiva Foundation three years ago, an organisation that works to fight against the horrific industry of human trafficking. Since it’s inception, Shiva Foundation has cultivated a deep level of knowledge about the industry and the response of the UK government to it. One of its key aims include to encourage greater collaboration across sectors on this issue, in particular, at the institutional level.

In her role as councillor, Meenal hopes to take her learnings both from leading the foundation and knowledge of education to tackle human trafficking and modern slavery at the local level. In particular, Meenal hopes to encourage greater awareness among the decision makers as well as a more integrated approach to the issue.

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