A dedicated team and network of passionate volunteers work hard to support our work investing in projects, people and ideas.

Our Team

Rishi Sachdev
Rishi Sachdev Founder & Director
Meenal Sachdev
Meenal Sachdev Founder & Director
Nishma Jethwa
Nishma Jethwa Strategy Lead
Sian Lea
Sian Lea Senior Programme Manager
Kat Rolle
Kat Rolle Junior Programme Manager
McKenna Jacquemet
McKenna Jacquemet Youth Ambassador 2018
Alisha Shah
Alisha Shah Events Volunteer 2018

Former Team Members

Phoebe James
Phoebe James Anti-Trafficking Programmes Intern
Sophie Moiton
Sophie Moiton Youth Ambassador 2017
Isobel Archer
Isobel Archer Anti-Trafficking Programme
Konstantia Tsiaousi
Konstantia Tsiaousi Youth Ambassador 2017
Natasha Jain
Natasha Jain Programme Associate
Jessica Best
Jessica Best Programme Assistant Intern
Millie Martin
Millie Martin Youth Ambassador 2017
Zula Tesfai
Zula Tesfai Youth Ambassador 2016
Yuan Mao
Yuan Mao Youth Ambassador 2016
Kathryn Wong
Kathryn Wong Youth Ambassador 2016
Anna Sanders
Anna Sanders Youth Ambassador 2015
Divina Chopra
Divina Chopra Youth Ambassador 2015
Shreeya Thakkar
Shreeya Thakkar Youth Ambassador 2015

Get Involved

If you would like further information about recruitment or getting involved in our work, please contact us.