Since 2015 and the advent of the UK Modern Slavery Act, anti-slavery activity in the UK has increased and businesses have begun exploring the potential impact of their activities on workers throughout their supply chains; however there is still a great deal of work to be done. Essential to the success of preventative work is a strong understanding of the inherent root causes of the issue. We will never end this crime if we focus solely on identifying it once it’s happened. By recognising the barriers people face in accessing their rights in the first place, we can work to disrupt them.

Victim Support

Shiva Foundation conducted research to identify gaps in modern slavery victim support and access to justice for adults. Taking Hertfordshire as a case study, we aim to understand how national policies are implemented at local level to determine the barriers to victims’ support and access to justice.

We produced a report which promotes recommendations that will effectively raise awareness on how to identify potential victims, and the rights they are entitled to. It looks at the gaps that exist in the support provided and recommends additional resources to prevent re-traumatisation of victims, allowing for long-term support to prevent re-trafficking of previously identified victims.





Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership

The Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership brings together more than 60 statutory and non-statutory partners from across the county to tackle modern slavery in all its forms.

It was established to provide a strategic meeting framework for Hertfordshire to raise awareness, share information and proactively work together to ensure a consistent and robust approach to tackling modern slavery.

Shiva Foundation sits on the Steering Group for this partnership and acts as Coordinator.




Looking for help?

If you are looking for help, want to report a suspicion or are seeking advice,
call the Modern Slavery Helpline on

08000 121 700

If its an emergency and you believe someone is in imminent danger, call