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chalkboard-620316_640If you are alarmed by the scale of human trafficking in the world today and want to join the anti-trafficking movement, there are several ways in which you can get involved. We need time and energy from passionate individuals, like you. Whatever your skills or interests, please explore this section to see how you can join us.
Our partners understand that there are no silver bullets when it comes to ending human trafficking. We are a community of individuals and organisations who believe that we can make an impact if we work together to challenge the status quo. We collaborate to establish innovative new initiatives, share knowledge and support each other to make a collective impact on this horrific industry.
Are you ready to join our dynamic team to change the way the world tackles human trafficking? If you are working against human trafficking in any capacity and would like to discuss the possibilities of collaboration, please contact us at

We would love to chat about the impact we can make together!

Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors are deeply committed individuals who share our principles and approach to creating a world without human trafficking. We love to give our volunteers a meaningful way to contribute and learn along the way.

Our Youth Ambassadors are young individuals (18 – 25 year olds) who are passionate about making a change and being part of the solution. They can volunteer as much time as they’d like over the course of the year and are given opportunities to apply their skills and time to making a real impact within a small team. They take ownership over specific projects and learn in detail about human trafficking and the global fight to end it.

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“I joined Shiva Foundation at the final stage of my M.A. Programme in “International Peace and Security” at King’s College London. I decided to write a dissertation on a topic I am truly passionate about – something that has been neglected throughout my studies and in the academic discussion. For this reason I analysed the strategic use of human trafficking by contemporary terrorist networks for the purpose of my dissertation. Through my placement at Shiva Foundation I gained a better understanding of the challenges governments and international organisations face in combatting modern slavery. This greatly helped shaping my dissertation and broadened my perspective beyond the theoretical discussions I was familiar with from my studies. To sum up, there are many reasons to consider joining Shiva Foundation as a Youth Ambassador, but perhaps none is more worthwhile than knowing that this organisation fights for the rights of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.” – Zula Tesfai, Youth Ambassador 2016

“My experience working with Shiva Foundation has been a very proactive one. Not only do the team know their role in bringing change to the issue of trafficking, their leaders are ambitious and passionate in what they do. The organisation also gives a lot of flexibility to their volunteers to focus on what they want to do, and are very happy to engage them at all levels of their work. I learnt a lot regarding strategic planning and thought – leadership within both the business and community spaces during the process. I would highly recommend this role to anyone who believes in the protection of human rights and is interested in the functioning and networking of a fast growing organisation.” – Kathryn Wong, Youth Ambassador 2016

“My experience as a Youth Ambassador has been invaluable – a milestone in my professional development. I have expanded my knowledge of how human trafficking manifests itself in the twenty-first century and am proud to have fought against it through Shiva Foundation’s various initiatives. I would highly recommend volunteering with Shiva Foundation to anyone, particularly those keen to gain an understanding of social and human rights issues, and how to effectively combat them, be it through collective impact or social impact networks.” – Anna Sanders, Youth Ambassador 2015

Community Changemaker

Community Changemakers are individuals in the community who feel moved to do something about human trafficking. They have the skillful imagination to make an impact and the courage to take a stand. If you would like to contribute your skills, resources or networks to the anti-human trafficking movement, let us know what you can offer and we will work together to make change happen.

Contact us at to register your interest in becoming a Youth Ambassador or Community Changemaker.

Shiva Foundation is not currently hiring full-time staff, but we are always seeking passionate and skilled individuals to join our team in the future. Do you dream big but work hard to achieve results? Do you combine professional skills with imagination and passion? Send us your CV and a cover letter and we will get back to you if your profile matches any future openings.