Many of the social issues society faces today are ultimately fuelled by inequality in its varied forms – something that influences who we are and how we are expected to behave. By engaging young people in a dialogue on these underlying norms, we can begin to change attitudes towards these issues and catalyse the shift required to make systemic change possible.

The causes of trafficking are complex. Factors including poverty, access to justice, discrimination and gender-based violence all play a role in driving human trafficking. We believe that by raising these issues within an educational setting, in secondary schools and nurseries, we can contribute to the development of a new wave of thinking and challenge the problem at its core.

Shiva Foundation is working to tackle these inequalities through various projects across the UK. Partnering with The Great Initiative and Fearless Futures brought equality workshops to Hertsmere Secondary Schools to address the root causes of inequality. By their teenage years, young people have already internalised many of society’s sexist messages. Without knowledge of gender norms and stereotypes, they’re unaware of how these invisible limitations affect their well-being, choices and aspirations.

Shiva Foundation has been collaborating with Think Equal on its flagship campaign, designed to empower change from a very early age. The mission of this programme is to facilitate the inclusion of human rights education as a compulsory component of national curricula around the world, and for such lessons to start from the very beginning of every child’s formal education.

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