Hotel and Hospitality Industries

As part of Shiva Hotels’ ongoing commitment to anti-human trafficking work, it is partnering with us to create a model programme that tackles issues of human trafficking and modern slavery within the hotel industry.

We feel strongly that challenges such as human trafficking call for a response by companies that are part of the global economy. Community engagement, data research, and education are critical elements of any effort to confront the world’s most complex challenges. But they do not readily lend themselves to the use of market incentives. We believe that corporate action remains an essential vehicle for effecting social change. Shiva Hotels’ pursuit of public leadership in this area blends seamlessly with our partnership model. By drawing on the distinct strengths of both entities, we increase the likelihood that we can start to tackle this complex problem.

Encouraged by the passing of the Modern Slavery Act, we hope this project can lead in this area and invite continued support and innovation both within the hospitality industry and among NGOs, academics and others.

In May 2015, we partnered with long established and highly respected charity, Unseen, to deliver an initial awareness raising and creative thinking session with the general managers and operations staff at Shiva Hotels.

Check out our blog and press releases for more information on this successful session. This is the first step towards establishing a meaningful and practical training and policy package for the hotel group, which may be replicated across the industry.

If you work within the hospitality or hotel industry, or are interested in this issue, please contact us. We are always open to working with others to create something meaningful and action-orientated.