It is important that all employees are trained in order to increase their general awareness of modern slavery and the hotel industry and how to spot the signs. Training can also provide details on how to prevent risk of modern slavery in specific roles. See example Training Powerpoint.

TIP: Modern slavery training sessions should be integrated into each hotel’s training course schedule and training strategy. Regular training updates should be run as should yearly refresher trainings, as agreed with the head office. Training should run alongside Health & Safety.

It is recommended that training sessions be facilitated by experts, in consultation with managers, for individuals and departments throughout the business. This training should be designed to go beyond awareness raising in order to help each employee understand his or her role in tackling this issue. Training should be tailored by role and department to have the most impact and relevance.

Trainings should include:

  • Background information on the issue;
  • Guidance to support employees with an understanding of expected behaviour (see example Indicator List);
  • Explanations of relevant policies and protocols;
  • Practical examples and Case Studies; and
  • Information on how to reassure staff when they’ve reported something, regardless of the outcome.

Employees should be encouraged to raise concerns during or after these sessions and should be given a disclaimer at the beginning to pre-empt any emotional triggers. It is important to ensure knowledge is retained after the training is completed and therefore it is recommended to use a Quiz to assess retained knowledge three months after the initial training. Short refreshers can also reinforce learning as and when required.

Senior level staff should also be trained, despite the fact that their roles are not operational. Aside from running a training specifically for them, any refreshers or updates can form part of the yearly AGMs. Where applicable, training of suppliers can also be provided.

It is recommended to send out a general briefing to all staff in advance of a large event as such events can often increase risk of modern slavery.

The case studies used in the example training, which are recommended as part of this Blueprint, are from the COMBAT Toolkit. The complete toolkit, designed for addressing modern slavery in hospitality, can be found here.

See relevant templates:

Example Training Powerpoint Example Indicator List Training Case Studies Example Knowledge Retention Quiz

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