Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation

Hotel executives and management teams should outline specific, measurable and clear KPIs in order to review progress across each area outlined in this Blueprint. These should include monitoring of, among other things:

  • Employee training levels and knowledge retention levels (see an example Knowledge Retention Quiz which is recommended to track staff knowledge three months after training).
  • Actions taken to strengthen supply chain auditing and verification.
  • Steps taken to upskill high risk suppliers, and assessing their ability to detect and mitigate modern slavery risk in supply chains.
  • Investigations undertaken into reports of modern slavery and remedial actions taken in response. See an example Reporting Log which can be used at the reception desk to track all reported indicators.

Head office shall also work towards publicly reporting on its policies and procedures, goals and targets, investigations, key risk areas and overall performance related to eradicating modern slavery. A checklist can be useful in ensuring evidence of Blueprint implementation is being tracked. See an example Checklist. It is also helpful having materials displayed so staff can see where implementation is occuring. See example Staff Room Poster.

See relevant templates:

See example Incident Reporting Log See example Checklist

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