Public Commitment

Having a public commitment to tackle modern slavery throughout a hotel’s operations and supply chain is an important part of addressing the issue. Not only are staff able to see the commitment regularly, guests are aware of the organisation’s efforts to address the problem. See an example statement: Our Commitment to Tackle Modern Slavery.

Recommended use of the public commitment is to:

  • Share the statement internally with all staff and include it as required reading, either at the beginning of their employment or when the statement is being implemented.

  • Incorporate the statement into the hotel’s vision, mission, value statement, departmental goals and any other relevant strategic and employment documents, as appropriate.

  • Display the statement in bedrooms either as part of the printed information packs, on the TV screens or using another appropriate method.

  • Ensure that a copy of the statement is accessible to staff on a daily basis, for example on the staff room notice boards.

  • Share information on the hotel’s stance on modern slavery with prospective staff and new staff joining in their welcome package.

  • Display the statement publicly in the lobby areas.

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