A dedicated team and network of passionate volunteers work hard to support our work investing in projects, people and ideas.

Our Team

Nishma Jethwa
Nishma Jethwa Strategy Lead
Nishma is a qualified lawyer and passionate human rights activist. Having qualified at Linklaters LLP, she joined Shiva Foundation in 2014 in order provide strategic direction and assist in developing key collaborative projects. Nishma has experience working with vulnerable individuals through her work at the Free Representation Unit and has led several legal advocacy initiatives in the UK, Afghanistan and India, with a particular focus on women’s rights. She also serves on the board of Strategic Advocacy for Human Rights and works pro bono at the Anti-Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit.

“Every individual, no matter what their background, has an inherent right to live with dignity. Human rights are the key to providing that dignity so I am honoured to be able to work for an organisation that fights for the rights of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.”

Sian Lea
Sian Lea Senior Programme Manager
Sian joined Shiva Foundation in 2016 to manage the organisation’s portfolio of anti-trafficking projects. Sian brings experience managing humanitarian education projects with the British Red Cross and working on capacity building and access-to-justice projects with Legal Support for Children and Women, a local anti-trafficking NGO in Cambodia. She originally moved from Canada to London to obtain a MA in Human Rights from UCL and a Graduate Diploma in Law. Over the years she has provided research and communications support to various human rights organisations, such as Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX), the Anti-Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (ATLEU), and RightsInfo.

“Modern slavery is one of the greatest violations of human rights and one of the hardest to tackle because of its hidden nature. I have always been passionate about human rights and ensuring they can be enjoyed by everyone equally. Organisations like Shiva are doing great work to see to the eradication of modern slavery and I hope I can continue to contribute to that fight.”

Isobel Archer
Isobel Archer Anti-Trafficking Programme Intern
Isobel graduated from the University of Exeter this year with a degree in English Literature, and is now taking time to gain practical experience in the NGO and human rights sectors before applying for a Masters in Human Rights. Her interest in tackling modern slavery was sparked by the work of anti-trafficking organisations and police operations in the South West, where she attended university and volunteered with anti-trafficking charity Restore. Isobel is excited to be working in such a unique organisation as Shiva, communicating directly with the business sector to achieve social change.

"To enslave a person is to dehumanise them, diminishing their worth to that of a commodity, and holding in contempt the human rights of that person to lead a fulfilling and independent life. Whilst trafficked people around the world are mostly invisible, it is imperative that the voices of those who cannot speak are amplified by those who are free. "

Board of Directors

Rishi Sachdev
Rishi Sachdev Founder & Director
Rishi studied Economics at Cambridge and graduated to work as a derivatives trader at Lehman Brothers. In 2003, Rishi founded Shiva Hotels and in 2012, as Shiva Hotels was growing, he founded Shiva Foundation. As a father of two, Rishi was deeply moved by the issue of child trafficking in particular and wanted to dedicate his resources to tackling this challenge. He firmly believes that his hotel business is an innovative tool to address the issue of human trafficking globally.

“There is no question that child trafficking is the human rights violation of our time but despite its severity and horror, it receives very little prominence. I hope Shiva Foundation can make a positive contribution to fight against this awful crime.”

Meenal Sachdev
Meenal Sachdev Founder & Director
Meenal founded Shiva Foundation with her husband in 2012. She is a mother of two young boys and Councillor in Hertsmere. She believes that education is the necessary tool to solve so many challenges the world faces today. With a firm dedication to investing in individuals and communities, Meenal is involved with a range of service based activities and social enterprises. She founded a youth leadership charity, Connect India, in 2008 and is on the board of social enterprise launchpad, UnLtd. Meenal completed her undergraduate degree at SOAS, followed by an MPhil at Cambridge.

“I firmly believe that we can make this cruel heinous crime go away in our lifetimes. I want to work with others in systemic ways to make something so acceptable, completely unacceptable."

Youth Ambassadors

Konstantia Tsiaousi
Konstantia Tsiaousi Youth Ambassador 2017
Konstantia arrived in London from Greece two years ago. She obtained her Master’s degree in International Human Rights and Social Justice at London Metropolitan University. During her studies she completed her student placement which complemented her graduate study of human rights through introducing her to specific activities of research in the field. Her involvement with charity work and volunteerism has subsequently convinced her that this is the field she is truly passionate about. Throughout her time as Youth Ambassador she aims to enrich her knowledge about modern slavery and hopes to contribute in any way she can towards Shiva Foundation’s remarkable goal to tackle and end human trafficking.

“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Human trafficking is one of the most terrible human rights violations nowadays. All we have to do is to not become silent about things that matter. Together we can tackle the problem; together we can put an end to this heinous crime.”

Millie Martin
Millie Martin Youth Ambassador 2017
Millie is a second year student at Royal Holloway University of London going into her final year of her undergraduate degree. She is currently studying International Relations, which is where her interest in human rights grew. As a result of this interest and the experience she has gained with Shiva Foundation, she will apply for a Masters in Human Rights and Human Security after she completes her undergraduate degree. Throughout her time at Shiva Foundation, Millie aims to gain experience with social media, writing blogs and policy papers, whilst making a positive impact on tackling human trafficking in the UK.

“Human trafficking, through human exploitation and gross violations of right to life and individual freedom, is thriving today. Everyone has fundamental human rights and these shouldn’t be infringed upon. Together we can end modern slavery”.

Former Youth Ambassadors

Zula Tesfai
Zula Tesfai Youth Ambassador 2016
Zula came to the UK from Germany to pursue her Masters in international Peace and Security at Kings College London. She has worked for human rights organisations in Benin, South Africa and Germany, mainly focusing on refugee and migrant worker's rights. During her studies she has compiled reports on human trafficking and is writing her dissertation on the strategic use of human trafficking by contemporary terrorist networks. She joined Shiva Foundation in order to make use of her theoretical knowledge and actively tackle human trafficking and slavery.

"Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world and knows no borders. As we are faced with a sophisticated transnational business of traffickers we need to work together and create our own network to end this dangerous trend. "

Yuan Mao
Yuan Mao Youth Ambassador 2016
Yuan is a penultimate year Geography student at University College London, having just returned from her year abroad at University of California, Berkeley. Whilst at Berkeley, she had the opportunity to take part in a number of anti-human trafficking conferences that triggered her interest in the topic.She is now conducting research for her dissertation on this issue. Yuan joined Shiva Foundation to play a more active and hands-on role in the collective fight against modern day slavery and experience working in a small, close-knit team within the human rights sector.

“For victims of human trafficking, life is war. It is a constant struggle for their freedom, dignity and basic human rights. However, we can fight this horrid crime together by being proactive and doing something about it, no matter how small or big that may be.”

Kathryn Wong
Kathryn Wong Youth Ambassador 2016
Kathryn came to the UK from Hong Kong five years ago. She currently finished her penultimate year in Social Anthropology at Goldsmiths College and has joined Shiva Foundation to bridge her knowledge and skills with a workplace compassionate and ambitious for the world. Her previous experience in International Citizen Service (UK) with Tearfund in Bolivia, as well as being a researcher for peer organisations in Mother’s Choice (HK) has given her insights into community work. She is excited to be part of Shiva to learn more about long term holistic planning that engages with all levels of community to ensure a lasting social impact in the long run.

‘Human trafficking is a repercussion of long term poverty and deprivation in livelihood, values and humanity. Everyone has an impact in this world. If you are capable, utilise your choice to choose good over evil.’

Anna Sanders
Anna Sanders Youth Ambassador 2015
Anna is taking a gap year before going to Cambridge University in October 2016 to read Human, Social and Political Sciences. She has experience working with international children's charities and environmental organisations such as New Life Nyambene and Rainforest Alliance. Anna is driven to understand what is required to create and maintain a just society, and is committed to causes related to gender equality and human rights, making human trafficking an issue of primary importance. Throughout her time as Youth Ambassador she hopes to learn more about human trafficking and to help fight against it by sharing what she learns with others, drawing attention to how slavery manifests itself in the twenty-first century.

"To treat a human being as a commodity to be bought and sold is to take from them the dignity of freedom. Every individual has the right to positive freedom. No individual has the right to take it from them."

Divina Chopra
Divina Chopra Youth Ambassador 2015
Divina studies Politics and International Relations at the University of Leeds. Having completed a one-year placement at MEC Global, Divina joined Shiva Foundation with the hope to cultivate a greater understanding of trafficking and modern slavery in the UK. Through her time at the Shiva Foundation as a Youth Ambassador, she hopes to bring greater awareness and informed action to this issue.

“The ability to exercise free will and autonomy is central to living a life as a free and equal human being. I feel strongly that every individual should possess this fundamental right.”

Shreeya Thakkar
Shreeya Thakkar Youth Ambassador 2015
Shreeya studies Business and Politics at Aston University. After completing a placement at Goldman Sachs, she wanted to make the most of her summer and work for an organisation and cause that she was passionate about. In 2011 Shreeya went to Ahmedabad in India with an organisation called Connect India where she was inspired by their determination to empower women and children. It was this trip that led her to be a Youth Ambassador for Shiva Foundation.

“As a young girl, brought up in a safe and secure environment, I believe it is our obligation to use our education to both raise awareness and prevent crimes of human trafficking and modern slavery.”