We are a corporate foundation dedicated to using our resources, skills and networks to create a bold new movement to end human trafficking and slavery. A movement about collaboration not competition, engagement not blame and systemic change across institutions.

Hilton Ball 8Millions of people in the world today live in slavery and we need new approaches in order to find innovative solutions. We recognise how challenging it is to build large-scale, lasting solutions to this complex problem. There are no easy answers but we’re challenging ourselves to explore the difficult questions.

We have a partnership model where we work closely with organisations to support projects from inception through to implementation. We take an entrepreneurial approach to giving, with an eye to impact and sustainability. Our assistance ranges from funding and capacity development to resource mobilisation and knowledge-building.



We seek to amplify the skills, knowledge, and ideas of our partner organisations through leadership and learning opportunities. We work towards mobilising both financial and non-financial resources through leveraging and influencing partnerships.

Our guiding principles:

  • We recognise the value of long term support.
  • We look for dynamic and effective leadership.
  • We are flexible and responsive to needs and opportunities.
  • We value clarity and brevity in proposals and reports.
  • We look to establish long-term relationships with our partners.

We do not accept unsolicited applications. We identify potential new partners through recommendations, research and outreach. Our staff evaluate potential partnerships and submit recommendations to the directors, who make the final decision. If you wish to let us know about your work, please get in touch describing your organisation and key focus. Our staff will review these on a regular basis and if your organisation is of interest, they will reach out to you directly.