By supporting local communities and civil society organisations, we can build a comprehensive response to prevent human trafficking.
local authority

Local Authority

As part of Shiva Foundation’s strategy to engage stakeholders and influence systemic change, we work with local councils to increase awareness of human trafficking and develop comprehensive safeguarding strategies. Shiva Foundation works with members of the council and related agencies in Hertfordshire to create opportunities to exchange ideas and discuss the challenges of responding to human trafficking. We strongly maintain the importance of multi-agency partnerships and are interested in building long-term relationships.



October 2017

The Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership launched a public awareness campaign. The aim of the campaign is to alert authorities, companies, charities and individuals to the signs of human trafficking and modern slavery and to encourage them to report concerns they might have.

July 2017

Meenal Sachdev, Shiva Foundation Director and Local Councillor in Hertsmere Borough Council, proposed a modern slavery motion to council, which was unanimously accepted.

May 2017

The Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership, coordinated by Shiva Foundation, was formed. The Partnership is made up of roughly 20 different agencies and departments in the area, all working to share information and strengthen systems to tackle human trafficking..

May 2017

Shiva Foundation, in partnership with the Human Trafficking Foundation and ECPAT UK, ran a conference for local authorities in London to strengthen networks for addressing human trafficking in the area.

March 2017

Shiva Foundation, in partnership with Hertfordshire Constabulary, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, and Hertfordshire County Council, ran a conference for over 250 representatives from statutory agencies focused on tackling human trafficking in the region. The conference was backed by Prime Minister, Theresa May.